Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Eric Fernihough at Brooklands Watercolours

Eric Fernihough on the banking at Brooklands
A4 Watercolour

Eric Fernihough at Brooklands 11th March 1938 on his streamlined Brough Superior.
A5 Watercolour

Here are two watercolour pieces based on photos of Eric Fernihough at Brooklands where he had a garage by the perimeter of the track on the Byfleet Road.

Eric Fernihough world record holder was killed at an record attempt at Gyon, near Budapest, in Hungary in 1938 on his Brough Superior JAP. His streamlined Brough left the road at high speed, supposedly due to a gust of wind affecting the steering - though theories about the accident abound to this day.

Fernihough reached about 180 mph in 1938 with this machine. He also held the solo flying mile record (163.82 mi/h in 1936), the solo flying kilometre record (169.8 mph in 1937), and the sidecar flying kilometre record (137 mph in 1937).