Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

First off I want to wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year. I am hoping for great things in the coming year. I want to especially thank all my customers for their business and wish them continued success. I also hope to pickup some new customers in 2012.
I would also like to start off 2012 with a great story. One of my customers is Pride Automotive in Patchogue. Tony and his son Anthony are great people and run a very honest automotive repair business. They organize an annual food drive for the less fortunate around Thanksgiving. Which I am proud to say my family and I contributed to this year. Right around Christmas time Tony was presented with a dilemma. He received a phone call from a Marine officer who was trying to help out a fellow Marine. The dilemma goes something like this. This female Marine needed a car. She basically got taken over the coals by an employee of a used car lot. This employee sold a car on the side from his private stock and without consent from his boss. This car a 1990 Nissan Sentra sadly lasted a week before the engine failed. When this Marine went back to the used car dealer the employee was nowhere to be found, the deal was not legitimate, and now no recourse. So, now this Marine was out of money and out of car. Tony a fellow serviceman having served in the United States Coast Guard decided to lend a hand. After getting the car to his shop he assessed it indeed needed an engine replacement. This Nissan Sentra was super clean and other than a bad engine was in decent shape. At this point Tony had to find an engine and make some hard decisions. Well, what Tony did deserves some accolades. He not only purchased a used engine on his own dime. He also installed it, replaced the radiator (which was clogged solid and probably the reason for the engine failure), and gave it a tune up. All this at no cost to this fellow serviceman, uh servicewoman. This represents the good in the automotive repair and something that mainstream news would never report. Something, I was glad to see. Good job Tony!