Wednesday, June 19, 2013

In Case Your Haven't Heard: Tamar Braxton

Celebrity gossip juggernaut TMZ reported today that sassy-licious reality television diva Tamar Braxton and her record producer husband Vincent sold their Hidden Hills (CA) mansion in mid April (2013) for $6,900,000.

What TMZ does not reveal, and what we first heard a several days ago from the always dishy informant Yolanda Yakketyyak, is that the buyers are the very same people—John and Gloria Gebbia—who sold the approximately 12,000 square foot faux-chateau to Mister and Missus Braxton in September 2011 for $3.4 million.*

Such are the crazy real estate ways of the rich and/or famous, right?

Mister and Missus Gebbia may not be household names but their actress daughter-in-law Carlton Gebbia may soon be as she's much rumored and reported to be joining the next season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Anyhoo...

Although we don't have much in the way of specifics, a little birdie told Your Mama that the Braxton clan has moved into a freshly customized mega-mansion in Calabasas (CA) complete with a barber shop, beauty salon, and recording studio.

*There is some evidence that Mister and Missus Braxton paid $6.9 million for the house but there is also plenty of evidence in various property record data bases that they paid just $3.4 million. We really have no idea why the wild discrepancy or how much that actually paid.

listing photos: Re/Max Olson & Associates