Friday, July 12, 2013

Jessica Alba Buys Bare Land in The BHPO

BUYERS: Jessica Alba and Cash Warren
LOCATION: Beverly Hills (Post Office), CA
PRICE: $2,000,000
SIZE: 12.96 acres (give or take)

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: It was recently brought to Your Mama's attention by a nameless real estate birdie that back in March (2013) entrepreneurial (action flick-y) actress Jessica Alba* and her neophyte producer husband, Cash Warren, quietly acquired an undeveloped, 13-ish acre residential parcel on a hillside near Franklin Canyon in an area of the 90210 zip code known as The Beverly Hills Post Office (BHPO).

The "Post Office" designation indicates the property bears a world renown 90210 zip code but—and this is an important but for a lot of people, mostly those who can afford to shack up in the 90210—residents of the "Post Office" make use of emergency services provided by the city of Los Angeles rather than those of the city of Beverly Hills. Your Mama knows some people who believe a person could bleed out on the floor of their custom fitted dressing room from a paper cut before the L.A.P.D., would bother to show up to a 911 call. Of course, Your Mama don't know an iPhone from an I-talian so we really can't say whether that's an accurate assessment of the emergency response situation in Los Angeles; We're just saying there are some heated opinions on the matter amongst a certain subset of wealthy, 90210-dwelling Angelenos, not to mention a whole bunch of less affluent busy body real estate fanatics who don't live anywhere near the 90210. Anyhoo...

Property records and other online resources show the scrubby, irregularly shaped patch of hills, dales and steep slopes was purchased for exactly $2,000,000 via a trust that Your Mama can easily link to two other properties in Los Angeles known to be owned by Miz Alba and/or Mister Warren.

We haven't a clue what the Alba-Warrens have (or don't have) planned for the BHPO property but listing details from the time of the sale indicate there were "tentative" development plans available for the reasonably secluded site that is just minutes (by car) from downtown Beverly Hills and offers both "verdant vistas" and easy access to the Franklin Canyon hiking trails.**

In addition to their newly acquired land holding, the Alba-Warrens also own a smaller house—also in the BHPO—that Miz Alba acquired back in 2002 for $1,100,000. That house, the children may recall, was up for lease back in 2010 at $8,950 per month. The Alba-Warren family's current residence, located on the very same BHPO canyon road as the big lot they just bought, was purchased as per property records in early 2008 for just a bit more than four million bucks. They gave the approximately 4,700 square foot house a significant, eco-oriented make that was photographed for and featured on the digital shelter publication Domaine.

*In addition to her various Showbiz related endeavors, Miz Alba also founded a company that—in a nutshell—develops and hawks eco-oriented products for eco-minded parents.

**The "tentative" plans mentioned in listing information may or may not have a damn thing to do with the grandiose estate depicted in a rendering included with publicly available online listings but, even if they did, it seems quite unlikely to Your Mama that a green life espousing actor lady like Miz Alba would choose to build and inhabit a resource hoovering estate of the magnitude and folly as shown in the rendering. No? Yes? 

listing photos: Coldwell Banker Previews International