Sunday, August 14, 2011

2007 Dodge Caliber

Yup, there she is. Straight from the body shop almost complete. It has an airbag lamp on and the body shop wanted to rectify this before putting the rest of the nose together. Smart move just in case there is a sensor or wiring that needs to be accessed. Let's pull some codes.
Ok, so we have some OCM (Occupant Classification Module) codes. Drivers seat track position sensor issue. Late model vehicles with "smart" airbags have information overload when it comes to keeping the occupants safe. So, where do I start? I know already. I look under the drivers seat and....
What do we have here? Yup, the sensor connector is swinging in the breeze. This day is going to be easy. I reconnect the connector. The CPA (Connector Position Assurance) lock tab was a little screwey. It needed to be gently "massaged" back into place. I moved the seat forward and back to make sure we don't have any issues with the sensor itself.
Here, is a shot of it from the backseat area connected. I cleared the codes and went on my way. This day is going to be easy. That was the mentality until I had to reindex a cam sensor on a 4.0 liter Ford Explorer and burned a half dollar sized portion of my forearm. The lesson here is KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). Go after the obvious first. I just wish I followed my own advice all the time.