Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ottotest Update

Well, I have now had the Ottotest for close to 6 months now. It has disappointed me more times than not. It is billed as an OE level tool. It does not even come close. The latest disappointment was a 1999 Hyundai Tiberon. The Ottotest didn't even have a menu for this car either using the vehicle or the VIN number. The tablet battery life is extremely short and it seems to struggle with the Nissan/Infiniti platform. There have been numerous updates. These updates typically are for 2010 model year coverage. I feel the tool and it's owners would be better served if they would concentrate on increasing the capabilities of the scanner on 2000-2008 model year vehicles. Case in point would be Ford automated evaporative test. Something, the Ford IDS scantool does that the Ottotest does not. I feel the tool is improving but it is at a snails pace. The typical updates always lists "client requested enhancements". Well tell me in detail what the enhancement is! I do use it more and more. I was recently checking an Infiniti I-30 for a shop and was showing him the graphing capabilities the Ottotest provides. The shop owner definitely liked what he was seeing. The Ottotest does do an excellent job of graphing. The speed of the tool needs to be increased tremendously. In the real world speed of a scanner from boot up to diagnosing is paramount. We technicians are not a patient group. I will keep you posted.