Sunday, April 22, 2012

A quick update

Sorry, I haven't posted in about a month. Fortunately, I have been really busy. Business has been good and I also have been doing some training at a couple of shops. I have been picking up quite a few new shops as well. I am fortunate enough to have networked with some really good people both in and out of the industry. You can never have too many good people supporting you. The best form of advertising in this business is definitely word of mouth. This is why I give free advice. Many times I will get a shop call me and ask me for an opinion or information. I may not get a job from that shop right away. But, usually I get something from them eventually. They remember I was helpful and knowledgeable and tell other shops.
I should have some more case studies posted soon. I have some more catalytic converter codes, misfires using the low amp probe, some GM electronic throttle control, some reprogramming, an arsenal update, and a one year Ottotest evaluation. Stay tuned. Of course, anything you want to see-email me.