Monday, April 9, 2012

Wheels Day 2012 Report

Easter Friday means Wheels Day!
The day started off pretty cold around 1 or 2 degrees so when the sunshine started to warm up the arena the day just got better and better. Hosted by the Surrey Street Rodders, Wheels Day is one of the first runs of the season and people certainly turned out in their droves. Rushmore arena, just down the road from Farnborough soon filled with an incredible range of cars, bikes, trucks and anything in between. If you didn't make it this year I would highly recommend that if you have something with wheels get it down to wheels day 2013 you won't be disappointed.

Just a third of the main arena and the surrounding banks and woodland were also packed with all sorts of wonderful vehicles.

1939 Ford 4 door convertible
(digitally painted ink sketch)

Mike Payne's (Surrey Street Rodders) latest creation. Only MOT'd the day before the event this wonderful saloon, contains a 350 small block Chevy with a 9" Ford rear. It certainly was catching the eyes of a lot of people whilst I was sketching it and who can blame them.

1935 Standard 12 Delux
(digitally painted ink sketch)

This Standard is a rare car indeed only 5 of these still exist and this one has been lovingly restored and run as a wedding car by Peter of GP Occasional Cars. There are 3 cars in their fleet the other two are a 1932 Ford Model ‘B' and a fantastic 1936 Austin 16 ‘Shootingbrake’woody. To see more of these cars please visit the GP Occasional Cars website and click on the 'cars' section.

Subaru 360
(digitally painted ink sketch)

This fantastic little Subaru cought my eye next. It is one of only three known in this country and is the only on up and running. Victor Sayer does own another of the three but the engine has blown on that one. Half a million were made between 1958-72. This fine example has been restored as 0ne of the three 1964 Japanese Grand Prix Support Cars, hence the black and ahite headlights. The three cars had different configurations of headlights, both black, both white, and one black one white (incase you'r wondering).

1964 Chevrolet Greenbrier
(digitally painted ink sketch)

A Quick sketch before hometime. This is another of the Surrey Street Rodders club cars. Unfortunately I did not meet the owner to find out more about it.

There was such a huge range of cars at this event the selection below does not cover everything but will give you a good idea of what turned up to enjoy the sun.


Hudson Pick Up

International Pick Up

Bedford Truck with Indian on board

BMC "Jobs Better Milk" (enough said)

1934 Nash
Advanced Eight Coupe (model 1282-R)

1964 Panhard PL17

Well if this is the sort of thing that get's you excited then I would strongly advise making the trip next year.

For more photos of the event please visit the Surrey Street Rodders facebook page